Coaches & Counselors

The TWC Clubhouse Peer Support Coaches

Finding the support when you need it is a difficult process.  Coffee & Cocoa has learned from the many people we work with that the resources for qualified trauma counselors around the world is lacking as the level of trauma that we as survivors walk with and the many dynamics that effect us are extreme.

The TWC Clubhouse is committed to bringing many amazing survivor coaches together in one space because the one thing I have learned is that nobody understands as we do.  You cannot bury this pain although most of us do until we can no longer can stay silent.  We learn and live in survival mode until we break open.  

The connections Coffee & Cocoa have made around the world and  technology makes it possible for you to find someone that fits your time schedule.   These connections and the Clubhouse team also allows you the great opportunity to find support outside of your local area providing even more privacy and healing that we as survivors know can be difficult to someone finding their voice. 

We had to move on from some, but we also have had wonderful counselors along the way that have helped my children and myself.  Therefore, we also bring to you certified counselors.  Each of these counselors is unique, practices different forms of therapies such as EMDR, TFCBT and more.

Just as my children and myself connected to different people, so do you.  Find someone today that you connect with and NEVER walk alone!

Together We Walk. Together We Heal. Together We Stand. Together We Can.

Denise Mercer- Director of the TWC Clubhouse and Coffee & Cocoa

They often say your mess becomes your message and I am living proof. I don't believe in staying where you currently are, but am well aware the need for support to become the best you. Is your plate overflowing and you need someone that understands? Are you a parent who knows there is more to the relationship with your child? Are you tired of the romantic relationships that do not fill you to the level you desire? Are you tired of the family events that drain you? Are you tired of the concrete walls that stop you in your tracks? Are you ready to go from merely surviving to absolutely thriving and creating the life you imagined? Let's go!

Janet Taylor- Parents Never Give Up

Identify your real passion and uncover what it is you really enjoy spending your time doing. Develop a plan that allows you to step away from the 9-5 job, build separate streams of income, or to simply live life fully on your terms. This is your calling if you want to dig deep into what is truly holding you back from your passion and purpose and connect with your true WHY!

Elizabeth Sullivan- Founder/CEO of Empower Survivors, CPSS

Elizabeth believes every survivor matters and deserves love and support . As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trauma, Elizabeth, believes breaking our silences sets us free from the bonds and shame of sexual abuse. Elizabeth is honored to be a part of the healing process for individuals looking to better understand themselves, the healing process, and going from victim, to survivor, to thriver.