Building Safer Communities

Building Safer Communities

Denise Mercer
Director TWC Clubhouse &
Coffee & Cocoa

Janet Taylor
Owner Parents Never Give Up

Building Safer Communities

The TWC Clubhouse and Parents Never give Up come together for individuals, schools, organizations, and communities worldwide.

Families, schools, organizations, communities, and businesses are all struggling to find ways to support everyone within the deep and challenging topic of mental health.  We cannot continue to blame and point fingers.  

Denise Mercer and Janet Taylor are ready to come to you, your community, school, and organization to bring the needed solutions.  We have each taken our “unsafe” homes and turned them into “safe”, respectful and nurturing places.  

Everything starts with you!  

We believe in personal responsibility and accountability while building a “shame free” community.

Ready to take your business, school, organization to the next level... Contact us today.