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Welcome to the TWC Clubhouse!   

We started Coffee & Cocoa because despite being young Cocoa wanted to help others, “Find Their Voice”.  What we learned along the way, was that there are many amazing people out there who have healed and are living beyond the blame, shame, guilt that abuse caused.  We also learned that no matter the age of the abuse, type of abuse(s), nature of the trauma or no abuse at all… people are silently suffering in very common areas.  We also learned that there are many ways to heal, some we used, some we only heard of and others that we had never heard of.  

The one major thing we found that we didn’t expect to find was: deeper levels of healing we didn’t know we need or even desired.  We found a community of people that understood because they had walked “similar shoes” and had all the same “similar feelings”.  Our family of choice grew across the US and around the globe.  This family we created by simply speaking about our experiences.  We are so blessed in the connections we were able to create by talking about the tough topic of “sexual abuse”.  The community we have created we couldn’t find in our local area, we didn’t know where to turn to in our time of need.  We are grateful that we were lucky enough to find extremely qualified counselors that could handle the level of trauma that we carried.

Our best times were getting to just share with our Coffee & Cocoa guests, but one thing was missing… YOU.  

So… we created the TWC Clubhouse.  We are bringing awesome facilitators who commit to an hour a week to be there to support you.  Cocoa and I always believed in finding someone you CONNECT with and we offer different communities so that you can find peers and facilitators YOU connect with.

The hardest part of our story was “feeling alone” with no safe spaces except one hour a week in our private counseling sessions… BUT all the rest of the week we were “holding on”.  The TWC Clubhouse was created to bridge that gap and give you a safe space for “emotional support” all week long and different hours of the day.  

Since our reach became international from the start, our goal is communities every hour of every day so that YOU can gather with your peers who understand, love, and support you no matter where you are on your life journey and in your healing anytime that you need and that fits your schedule.

Every community I participate in, I gain something for my next right step, my mental health, my serenity, my joy PLUS the friends I have made connecting with other who have joined the TWC Clubhouse looking for those “safe” connections, love, and understanding.

So what exactly is the TWC Clubhouse?

  • It is a safe place to be heard and let others be heard.
  • It is supportive communities of peers facing common struggles, feelings, and emotions.
  • It is a place that offers support, encouragement, and comfort to others while receiving the same in return.
  • It is a sharing of others experience, strength, and hope.
  • It is a place to learn new ways through listening and sharing or by direct teaching in some communities.
  • It is motivating and inspiring as together we support each other.
What makes the TWC Clubhouse so amazing?
  • One central hub with live resources to support you on your life journey and healing!
  • Facilitators from around the world with many skills, talents, credentials, experience and MORE!
  • It is online from the safety of your own space… your car, a park, your house, wherever we are a link away.
  • It is global… create new connections all around the world!
  • One LOW monthly price for UNLIMITED live access to ALL of our communities!
  • Constantly adding MORE facilitators and topics!


The TWC Clubhouse mission is to fill a needed gap for emotional support by connecting people in our communities through different facilitators and topics.  We encourage individuals to have their own counselor and medical treatment as needed, but we as facilitators have learned the ability to connect with others in common areas, feelings, and experiences aides our healing.  That is why the TWC Clubhouse was built by survivors for survivors!  We believe Together We Can, and therefore the TWC Clubhouse goal is to create safe communities where people can gather and engage with others on many different subjects including mental health, trauma, self-care, and many more.

Our facilitators are each unique and have overcome great obstacles in their own life stories.  They inspire, motivate and lead others to finding more freedom through the skills and resources they have acquired. 

The Clubhouse Team is so excited to bring you a place with many different options and tools to aid you on your life journey to being your best YOU! 

Your membership includes access to ALL of our communities.   If you have an affiliate connection you can purchase your monthly membership through that program by using you code at checkout.  If you do not have an affiliate connection you can purchase your monthly membership and receive your first 30 days free.  If your workplace, organizations, church, group would like to become an affiliate than please contact us.

Together We Can!

Together We Walk. Together We Heal. Together We Stand. Together We Can.

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