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Connect in the Clubhouse!

Healing is a process.

In our world, it’s our number one goal.

We’ve been through the ringer, we’ve been rung out, hung out to dry, and then carried in the wind. The wind was the change we needed to make to plant us here. Where we can be of service to everyone who stumbles across this page. We vow to help your healing process by finding others who have gone through it, healed, and came out as teachers, authors, coaches, and supports for others.

This community we have built has been beneficial to everyone including us. In helping others, we continue to heal as well.

This is where you get to decide what you need.

We have tons of teachers, coaches, authors, who have educated themselves in different practices, skills and some have written their tales of hurt, trauma, abuse of all kinds, and the steps they took to heal. Sharing themselves and their stories with the world.

Here you can pick what calls to you, listen in, and we dive into the process of finding your lost self.

Here is where we can link arms and shed our hurt. Here is where we can learn and grow. We are stronger together than standing alone.

Together we walk.

Together we heal.

Together we stand.

Together we can.

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