The TWC Clubhouse and Coffee & Cocoa are committed to building safer communities and providing avenues for people to go from merely surviving to thriving through education and awareness about tough topics.

Coffee & Cocoa open the doors to finding your voice and speaking up about Child Sexual Abuse which has been a pandemic for thousands of years. Silence breeds and continues abuse in all areas and stunts the ability to heal and recover. The survival skills that we learn effects us as a child, student, friend and continues into our adulthood, our jobs, our parenting and much more.

The TWC Clubhouse continues and expands the Coffee & Cocoa efforts by offering classes, book clubs, coaches, counselors, advocacy gatherings because I believe that "Together We Can".

Every dollar helps make a difference in the life of another.

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Together We Can

Author Jeff Kelland

Kambi Swann

Strength is found in walking through the mess, looking back and realizing what you have overcome!