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Cocoa- Michigan, USA

Cocoa is the Co-founder of Coffee & Cocoa where she lights up the world as she brings her spunk and personality announcing "Welcome to Coffee & Cocoa".

She uses her own healing journey, shares about tough topics with adults survivors and brings her own analogies, descriptions and feelings to encourage others to find their voice.

Despite her young age and continuing herself to heal from her own trauma, Cocoa brings a compassionate, loving, brave, and courageous heart with a contagious smile and laughter that lets you free the child inside of you.

A face and heart full of hope to let us all know it is never too early or late to heal.

Denise Mercer- Michigan, USA

Child sexual abuse survivor and mother to multiple child sexual abuse survivors, Denise has handled trauma on the frontlines to bring her home to a safe place.

She zooms around the world speaking and making connections with others talking about the tough topics, offering support, encouragement and tools to help others through the healing process. She makes you feel comfortable to share and know that you are not alone.

We were not meant to carry the emotional weight on our own and she shows up to cheer everyone on that crosses her path, but she has gained one major thing along the painful journey... "boundaries" and she is not afraid to use them as needed to protect her peace.

She facilitates different communities in the clubhouse in the areas of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical intimacy, boundaries, living with no regrets, loving from a distance and most importantly looking in the mirror and loving who you see.

Elizabeth Sullivan- Minnesota, USA

Founder and Executive Director of Empower Survivors, a peer-led, non-profit, 501c3 that has supported survivors locally, nationally, and worldwide.

Elizabeth has been a guest speaker on numerous podcasts, radio shows, and in the local news. She has also testified before the MN state legislature and works with advocacy groups to bring awareness to childhood sexual abuse.
She believes in uniting our voices, supporting survivors on their healing journey, educating communities and reducing the adverse childhood experiences that not only affect the survivor but their families, society and community institutions.


Isana- British Columbia, Canada

Writing under the pen name Isana, she is now happily married and has found peace. This memoir is her contribution to helping other women who have experienced childhood and adult trauma in the hope that her healing will send a message that forgiveness is possible and that bitterness is not the only outcome.

Isana finally feels whole and wants the same for those who have lived through similar experiences.

Isana's life experiences and communities involve discussions and growth in areas such as multiple forms of abuse within the family and with close family and church people, how religion can play a part in our adult self and rewiring, workforce relationships and much more.

Janet Taylor- Ontario, Canada

Parents Never Give Up was originally designed to be a simple blog page. A space for her to recount her stories and share her heartache, her fears and the lessons she has learned. Since writing her first blog, she has not stopped learning and growing.

Janet has uncovered her passion and purpose in her life and now she lives to support other parents who are dealing with children who are choosing to self-harm. She is passionate about no parent having to walk alone.

Maria Socolof- New York, USA

Maria Socolof, a former collegiate gymnast, environmental health scientist, chronic pain survivor, mind body healing advocate, and author, shares her writing, thoughts, and experiences.

She is a sibling sexual trauma survivor who has joined forces with other sibling sexual abuse survivors to bring help, healing and awareness to a very complex and difficult subject that is the most under reported form of sexual abuse.

She facilitates her communities around topics that are covered in her book where those who join share, learn, discuss, and grow in areas of self advocacy, chronic pain, Myofascial pain, trauma & pain/illness, recovered memories, dissociative amnesia, incest, sibling sexual abuse, healing approaches and more.

Nicole Moehring- Ohio, USA

Nicole Moehring is an author, abuse survivor, mother of survivors including a special needs survivor, and an award winning advocate and speaker. She is the mother of 2 children, a wife, and an advocate for children with disabilities and domestic abuse awareness.

She is the Founder of Voices of Change 2018 and she currently serves on the Ohio Attorney General Committee for Crime Victims with Disabilities, is an Advisory Board Member for Natalie's Voice and a DS-Ambassador for the National Down Syndrome Society.

Nicole has partnered with others and is leading the creation of materials for investigative authorities and much needed curriculum for those who work in areas that serve special needs children who are at a higher risk of being sexually abused as a child and unable to find their voice.

Niki Lee- Alberta, Canada

Niki Lee is a gentle soul with fierce ambition. She takes the rough and raw of life and shines it to beauty. Her young, energetic, vibrant way about her encourages you to open up, trust, and know that you are supported in her communities in the TWC Clubhouse.

She is a hard worker, embraces opportunities, steps into change with grit, determination, laughter, and a smile. Her book, her questions, her supportive space allows you a safe place to reflect, share, process, learn, and grow together.

Nobody Cares Work Harder is a book all about change, in all of the aspects one can start to create change. A little mouthy, a little in your face, but always with the best of intentions.

Sarah Gallardo- Connecticut, USA

Sarah's story goes beyond being a survivor. Her message is about overcoming adversity, defying the odds, and staying positive when the world feels like it's crashing down around you. Sarah Speaks Up supports women, children, men, and families living free of every kind of abuse. In a society where discussions of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and spousal abuse are not supposed to be openly reviewed, Sarah Speaks Up.

A Domestic Violence survivor herself, she encourages people to speak up abut what they are going through. She is willing to go out in public and be the face of strength and change. Driven to tell her own story, Sarah founded Sarah Speaks Up.

Sarah's topics and openness in the TWC Clubhouse help you begin to take positive changes in your life wherever you are on your life journey. Sarah inspires, educates, strengthens, and unifies people in need.

Mary Knight- Washington, USA

Mary Knight holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work. She is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in the state of Washington.  She has produced several films. She tells about her path to recovery in her personal documentary Am I Crazy? My Journey to Determine if My Memories Are True.  All of Mary’s films can be viewed free of charge at 

She understands recovered memories as many survivors do, the effects of chronic pain and the healing that is involved to finding the freedom to live. She believes in continuing her healing and supports others as they do too. She definitely lets others know they are "not alone".
She is devoted to maintaining her healthy lifestyle and helping other survivors. She is always sharing in the advocacy community and connecting people to resources to help guide them in their journey.

Gloria Masters- New Zealand

Gloria Masters shares her story, most specifically the first 16 years of her life which consisted of ongoing and traumatic abuse, relentless and targeted in nature and caused by the two people who should have looked after her: Her parents.

She survived and came through with the help of her Angels, which is why she continues to share. She is a Mum, author, and spiritual being who wants to share who she is with the world, to help other people find freedom from the shame and secrecy that surviving child sexual abuse brings. Her purpose is to offer hope and light where previously there was none. Her words come to you on Angels Wings and she is blessed to consider their presence a very big part of her life. My words come to you on Angels Wings and I am blessed to consider their presence a very big part of my life.

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